9w1d pregnant

Wow, I have been horrible with updates! I have been sick. as. a. dog.

I really wish I was one of the lucky women who never throw up or feel nauseous during their first trimester. It’s such a horrible thing to live though. I feel so guilty when I complain because this is something I wanted to badly and now I’m just having a pity party. But honestly, no human being wants to be throwing up and sick to their stomach almost constantly. So…whatever.

Our little baby bean is doing great though. Strong heart beat at our last ultrasound last week (167). I go back at the end of the month for our NT scan. They recommend the genetic testing due to the IVF/ICSI. Which is fine. I’ll take as many ultrasounds as my insurance will cover!

That’s all for now I guess. Unfortunately not much of an update – but I guess no news is good news!

5w5d pregnant

I am so anxious for our first ultrasound. I am continuing to be negative. I had two miscarriages before I became pregnant with Hope, so I know what to look for in that regard. It just seems like such a long time to go with no monitoring. Next week can’t get here soon enough! Of course the holiday season keeps us busy, busy – so it will be here before I know it really. I’m just trying to enjoy this time with Hope. She is at such a fun age, and my best friend. I never thought I would say that about a 3 year old, but it’s true. My little sidekick. I’ve been sick off and on the past week, so that’s comforting as strange as that sounds. With Hope, I didn’t get sick until I believe week 6 or 7, so it’s starting much earlier this time around. You really do forgot what a special kind of hell morning sickness is until you relive it. I thought I would be able to manage it easier this time having been through it. Nope. Still sucks. I’m also very emotional – crying everyday about one thing or another. Poor Brandon. I fall asleep early in the evenings (around 9 or so) and am up at around 6 hurrying to get food in my stomach to keep myself from throwing up. Such a cycle.

Beta Update

So I went on Friday to get more bloodwork. My numbers came back at 580. Which is alright I guess because doubling would have been 500. I’m still kind of bummed though because I thought it would have been higher. The nurse didn’t seem concerned at all and made me my ultrasound appointment for December 24th. I can’t believe they’re even open on Christmas Eve! But I’ll sure take it. So for now I’ll just keep up with my shots and estradiol and baby aspirin. I still have cramps off and on and have become increasingly exhausted. It takes major effort to do anything, and this is not the time of year a person can afford to be lazy. Lots of Christmas shopping, parties, and church events. I am still waiting for the day I wake up feeling deathly ill, but if my only symptom is being very tired I am good with that!

The results are in….

and I’m pregnant!!!! I really cannot believe it. It seems so surreal. The nurse said my levels were at 250 and they wanted to see higher than 50. I go back on Friday for more bloodwork to see if my numbers doubled and if so, nothing until my 7 week ultrasound. Which should be right after Christmas. My prayers are now for this baby to stay with us and that I will have an easier pregnancy than I did with Hope. Lots of sickness and anemia from that girl. I will update my numbers again on Friday!


I cannot believe tomorrow is my beta! I also cannot believe I haven’t taken a pregnancy test myself yet. I am the poster child for no will power. I think subconsciously I’m scared to see the negative result. Like I just know it’s going to be negative. What is wrong with me?! I’m such a downer. i have been having cramps off and on since my transfer day. The first 2 days were strong, and then it’s been off and on. Yesterday I started feeling some fleeting sharp pains, but nothing else. These progesterone shots will be the death of me. My poor rear is all bruised and knotted up. It’s so painful. I can’t sleep on my sides and if I roll over without being careful I will wake myself up from the pain. Anyway – I go tomorrow at 830 for my blood work. They should call by the afternoon with my results. Lots of praying going on in our home tonight. Especially since we are hosting our small group from church that we lead.